Monday, January 08, 2007

Pretending I'm Somewhere Interesting

It could be perceived as a little desperate (?) or perhaps sad (?) or maybe just different (?). But with the volume of posts you could just assume I'm travelling the world, visiting exciting countries, witnessing beautiful events unfold.

Here, for example is an exotic sunrise. I'm enjoying my current situation, living life in the 'real' England (not just the cities and tourist hotspots!). I am finding the British people very friendly and the food is pretty good - although it's definitely too bland for my tastes!

Wantage Sunrise

Romantic Sunrise in Wantage

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  • At 1:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Henry - have you managed to fend off "B4M" yet?
    We had loads of calls from them in November/December (up to 20 a day!) and I did eventually manage to track down the actual company in the UK that employed this call centre. Our calls have once again resumed today so I'm going to have to do it all again :-(
    We did have a great wind up with them though as you can imagine... "A phone you say? With 200 sausages?" "No sir, 200 messages!". Its always good to pretend you are under 18 also because they then ask for mummy and daddy etc. We passed one guy around the office for about half an hour - although fun its so annoying because someone else calls back within 30 mins!


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