Thursday, December 07, 2006

Update - Part 4

How could I think the day was over!

Part 4

It's China. Every day is punctuated by food. It is more than an essential part of life. It is life. I was taken to dinner by a PE teacher and her friend and an English teacher and her husband - oh and the PE teacher's 2 year old. First the 2 year old 'relieved' himself on the floor next to the table. The waitress silently fetched some newspaper while we laughed. Then the sheep liver and kidney on a stick was produced. I was, of course, thrusted the choice liver and kidney. One bite produced a bleeding mushy thing. It was a real challenge for me. I finished the kidneys but not the liver. Needless to say, the bill was paid somehow invisibly.

Old China, New China, the Future of China, the Food of China.

That's a proper Chinese experience!


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