Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Weather...

Well, I am British, after all:

The forecast for London, United Kingdom on Saturday: sunny. Max Temp: 10°C (50°F), Min Temp: 5°C (41°F), Wind Direction: W, Wind Speed: 10mph, Visibility: moderate, Pressure: 1013mb, Humidity: 53%, UV risk: low, Pollution: low, Sunrise: 07:21GMT, Sunset: 16:08GMT

The forecast for Beijing, China on Saturday: sunny. Max Temp: 13°C (55°F), Min Temp: 3°C (37°F), Wind Direction: NW, Wind Speed: 3mph, Visibility: poor, Pressure: 1028mb, Humidity: 71%, Sunrise: 07:01HKT, Sunset: 16:57HKT


So, interestingly, London has a narrower band of temperature, a shorter day, more wind, lower pressure. But Beijing is more humid, more polluted and less visible.

Less visible...hmmm. Maybe the weather is a political signal?


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