Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beijing Today Extracts

Animal Attacks
Over 11,300 people in the capital were injured by animals in the first 10 months of this year, up more than 28% on the same period last year.
Connected news from previous edition: Beijing plans increased pet controls. Connected 'hearsay': Government plans major 'cull' of pets in run up to Olympics!

Kids tarred with stigma of stupid
On IQ tests for badly behaved children, currently being recommended by schools.
"Being labeled an idiot could turn a happy child into a sad one"
"We encourage those who have study issues but do not have mental problems. We tell them they are clever and give suggestions on how to improve themselves. As for the goofy ones, we tell them the results too. It's also no problems, as they don't even understand what it means."

Obesity becoming a health problem in China
"60 million of [China's] citizens are obese. Thats equivalent to the entire population of France... At the same time, about 24 million Chinese still live in abject poverty and suffer malnutrition"

A dream comes true for AIDS orhans
A school is set up for AIDS orphans and they have been taken on a trip to Beijing. The school has been set up to seperate the children from the mainstream due to bullying.
Can't decide if this is good or bad but you can be sure there's more to it than is written.

Mandelson talks of China's global role
"In a speech Tuesday at Tsing Hua University, EU Trade Commissioner Peter mandelson has argued that a resurgent China should be opening its markets wider to foreign cometition and ready to take up global responsibilities for the preservation of the open trading system"
Guess what the Chinese minister said?

Private Aircraft: playthings of the rich
"The market for private airplanes is heating up with new aviation regulations and competitive prices. Pilot training schools are eyeing the commercial opportunities like tarts with the rent due."
For a slightly dull article and a clearly consesrvative paper, that was a startling line to end on!

Beijing previews 2008 Olympic traffic plans during China-Africa summit
"The combination of control and pursuasion proved remarkably efective taking off the city's streets about 30% or 800,000 of the capital's 2.8million vehicles during 6 days of meetings between Chinese and African leaders over the weekend."
Try doing that in London! Ken would be shot at dawn.

Hidden at the bottom of the front page of this paper is the following:

"Under the auspices of the Information office of Beijing Municipal Government"

What is fascinating to think about is how much a constant stream of carefully planned and subtle articles can affect peoples' opinions. Corruption is a common story for this paper but only ever focuses on low level officials. People don't think the country is perfect but they are only aware of the problems that the government wants them to be aware of and these problems always seem remote. Oh and the government is always doing something about them - perfect example is the AIDS story on the front page.

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