Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life In China

Have been silent for a few weeks! Too busy by far!

Last week my happy predictable life was uprooted. I was meant to be teaching a few classes. Suddenly I had 12 in 3 days, having only taught 28 in 5 weeks! Then I was somehow meant to be designing 'external' sessions on Sustainable Development - Our Reality and Entrepreneurship! In addition I got requests to help with children doing various competitions in English, help a teacher to pronounce complex sounds correctly and just chat to people. To say the least it was a crazy week. I got to Thursday and suddenly became ill with what seems to have been a 5 hour bout of nausia brought on, as best I can tell by drinking from a cup which may have had some mould on I suppose.

Well, I finally got all the material for the session on Thursday night and set off for the conference on Friday. It took 3 hours to do a 1,5 hour bus journey. I arrived 3 hours later than hoped! Then I found that my role on the first day was quite heavy and that I was facilitating what amounted to any random strikers who turned up.

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Fine but not really allowing me the time to finish the session as I'd hoped. The conference went until 10pm and I couldn't really find the space to do any session prep. So at 4am, I finally closed the lid of the computer, happy with the session and the materials! Crazy.

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The conference was good - very odd feeling to be back in the middle of the AIESEC bubble. I have some 'developing' thoughts on what it's like. Not sure yet what I think.

So it's been a very busy week and I wasn't really prepared for it so set me back a bit I suppose.

This week is more balanced and there is light at the end of the tunnel (as opposed to last week). So I'm going well. Still the random unpredictability continues as on Monday I was told I would have to move rooms on Tuesday. In the evening I turned up for a lesson and the children told me it had been moved 15 minutes later - no-one told me! Today I was told that next week all the children at the school would be having exams so I wouldn't need to teach! Thanks for the notice!

That's life though! It makes things more interesting.



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