Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Teaching English

Here are some of the things I am using to teach english in the school:

We are switching the children from a phonetic pronunciation system to a phonic one. I have been trying to teach them the sounds so that they can use the system.

I have started most of the children on a, e, i, o, u. The class I take in the evening is further ahead though as I have more classes. For Monday's lesson I invented the following rhyme/limerick/poems:

One day I went to the zoo
At the zoo there was a fruit
But the fruit was so chewy
And I didn't have a clue
Why the chewy fruit was in the zoo?

The next day I went to play a sport
And the sport was with a ball
Then the ball had a fault
The fault was from a claw
But I'm sure I said it was morning

In the evening I hit my toe
The toe was hurt to the bone
But the bone was old
Even older than the snow
When the snow had landed on the road

One day I put on my watch
That day I put my watch on
When I put on my watch
And put my watch on
I was surely putting it on

The owl said to the cloud
How will an owl speak to a cloud
And the cloud said to the owl
A cloud cannot speak to an owl
So how can an owl speak to a cloud?

If I oil my toy
My toy will be oiled
But if I oil my toy
My toy will by oily
So what's wrong with an oily toy?

They are a bit random but that's the idea - hopefully the children will remember some of the sounds at least!  I'm determined that the classes are useful for them!


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