Wednesday, November 15, 2006

If you had 1,000,000 RMB...

Take a group of 45 14 year old Chinese children. Every day they spend 15 hours awake and about 3 hours not working (yes that means approximately 12 hour days). Every lesson they sit in tiny desks with piles of books. Every minute they are over-worked. Every month they are examined.

Then tell them to dream - tell them that they can do anything - tell them they have more money than they can imagine. Suddenly there is excitement in the room. Everyone wants to talk - it's a magical effect! They want to learn!

It is also a pleasure to hear that many want to help people. And many want to help themselves. They are a bunch of normal human beings. Will they lose these dreams? Will they live them? Will they pursue their hopes or will the world beat them out of their young minds?

Optimism is self-fulfilling, so I am happy to believe that it is inevitable that some will achieve their dreams. Surely China will become a better place when these Children grow up!


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