Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chinese Culture - Old and New

I've had an interesting day. It fits into three parts.

Part One

Randomly had it sprung on me yesterday that there was a school singing concert at the Shunyi Cinema. Slightly bemused, I went along. It was a Long March romp. Mao impersonations; Long March uniforms; colourful dresses and dancing; ebullient singing:

Is it meant to be Mao? Long March Uniformed Students

Is it meant to be Mao?; Long March Uniformed Students

Part Two

After the school singing concert, I went for a quick shop before going back to the school for lunch. I managed to buy some pop-music which I have been trying to do for a week or so. I am the proud owner of a Jay Chou album (Jay Chou - Teenage Heart Throb). His name is plastered over many a students' desk!. I also got a female artist - Jolin (Jolin - Dancing Diva). What a contrast to the Long March songs. It just illustrates the contrast in Chinese life. Changes over such a short time combined with a society which talks the official line and lives another. Really fascinating to experience.

Jay Chou Jolin

Jay Chou; Jolin

Part Three

The third part of my day has been teaching. I am a teacher for only 4 more lessons! I have made a determined effort this week to leave the students with some positive messages which may sink into their minds and change the way they live their lives. I hope that I have released some potential. I hope that I have given confidence to those couple of students who may have lost belief in their abilities. I hope I have given them what no-one gave me. It was at the very least fun to shout as loud as possible! Here is the slide.

I can speak excellent English! Do Something that Scares

Lesson Slides! Go Chinese students!!!

So there you have it. Old China. New China. The Future of China. All in one day.


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