Monday, November 27, 2006

Donkey Dumplings

Here is a Chicken's head:

Organic Chicken Restaurant

Actually, I'm told that people don't really eat the head but it goes in the soup for flavour. If you're unlucky you might get it by accident, then there's the big debate in your head about whether you're expected to eat it or whether letting it go back to the soup is really bad manners?

Last weekend I went for a meal and ate some Donkey Dumplings (hey that rhymes!). They were pretty tasty! The donkey meat was minced pretty much as beef would be.

Oh and I had some pig's stomach and before that some pig's liver.

To be honest, meat is meat. It doesn't make a lot of difference where it came from. Liver, though, tasted pretty bad. All I could think about were the images were shown during GCSE Biology of smokers' livers with all the grey dead tissue which looked a little crumbly. Well that's what the liver seemed to taste like!

Now I'm getting a bit more adventurous... I'm determined to try some dog before leaving - after all - where else in the world can you eat dog at almost any restaurant?! Oh and in case you wondered - actually they don't eat cat in China (or at least that's what I'm told!).

Ni hao xiao gou! Ni haochi ma?


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