Friday, January 05, 2007

Chinese Meal in London

As our New Year 'treat' Camille and I had a Chinese in China Town. For some reason Camille wanted to go to the same restaurant as we had gone to the previous year. We actually got the same table. I suppose it was romantic in some way!

Here (for any Chinese people still reading this!) is what a British Chinese Meal looks like:

Dumplings Chicken Wings

Grilled Dumplings ***; Chicken Wings **

Later we went to the ridgeway in Oxfordshire to see in the New Year in a peaceful way (as opposed to A. Drunk or B. Squashed, Wet and Cold), with the fireworks all over the Vale of the White Horse shooting up into the sky creating an awesome light show in a break between the awesome special effects added by Nature.

New Year Lights Trafalgar Square

New Year Lights and Fireworks; Trafalgar Square

Actually I think this was my favourite New Year. Such a relaxing and romantic evening. Perfect.

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