Friday, December 29, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I know it's taken two weeks (no I didn't take a boat!) but yes I'm back in the UK. Actually I got back 2 weeks ago and just been getting things off the ground with my company and doing the Christmas thing.

Well I fully intend to keep blogging from the UK. I suppose I need to find something interesting to blog about otherwise all you will get on here is a list of ramblings. Perhaps about the weather? I'm open to suggestions. It will probably be mostly about my company.

Henry's Office View from Window

My new office!; A view over Wantage

Biggest achievement today - writing a formula which calculates the size of an order required which keeps the average stock above zero but below 5 units. Pretty cool huh?! And yes I did other things.

Christmas Eve Meal Summer Pudding

Well done Mum - amazing centre-piece!; Summer (?!?!?) Pudding

Oh - if anyone in the world knows how to fix my network with two wireless range extendors / repeaters and a belkin wireless router, I'll love you forever!

Til next time!

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