Friday, January 12, 2007

Je suis un photographer?!

Bad French? I must be a wanna-be artist. Here goes anyway!

Arty Photo

Black and Blue

The first picture is out of my office window (I was on a break!). The really amazing thing about this one is that the whole day there was a gale blowing outside the window. Suddenly the sun emerges low in the sky and casts long shadows over the town. The picture looks black and white but actually you can still see the blue at the top.

Busy Blur

Busy Blur

What a great pun! Sitting opposite the Dominian Theatre waiting for Camille to get out from Church at 8.30am on a Sunday morning. It feels a bit like a time-warp.



A distant cloud on the horizon. It's like a memory of a happy day flowing by. Like a thought passing through a magnifying glass. Like a bubble crossing a bubble of a life.

C'est tout!

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